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CKSM Safety Policy



When a person enters the employment of Central Kentucky Sheet metal inc. he or she has a right to expect that they will be provided with a proper place in which to work and proper machines and tools with which to do their jobs, so that they will be able to devote their energies to their work without danger to their lives and health. Only under such circumstances can the association between employees and the company be mutually profitable and harmonious. It is Central Kentucky Sheet metal inc. desire to provide a safe work place, safe equipment, proper materials and to establish, and insist upon, safe work methods and practices at all times. It is a basic responsibility of owners, management and supervisors to make the safety of employees a part of their daily and hourly concern. This responsibility must be accepted by each one who conducts the affairs of the company, no matter in what capacity he or she may function.



It is our objective to not only provides a safe and healthful workplace for all employees, but to also establish safe work procedures consistent with current technology and sound business practices. The responsibility for this program is delegated to management and field supervision in accordance with the organizational line of responsibility. Safety rules and regulations are for the benefit and protection of our employees, and their cooperation is absolutely necessary to make our safety program work. Non-compliance would result in disciplinary action.



Our goal is to prevent accidents. An accident is defined as an unwanted and unplanned event that disrupts the orderly operation of our organization. All accidents result in a loss due to disruption, damage, delay, and possible personal injury or death. Prevention of injury and loss of income to our employees is of prime concern. When an accident occurs only chance determines the degree of loss or injury. Therefore, prevention of all accidents must be our goal rather than just those accidents which will obviously cause a serious injury.


Safety Manual

A copy of our safety manual and MSDS sheets is available to anyone upon request


Drug Free Workplace

Central Kentucky Sheet metal inc. recognizes its obligations to its member companies for the provision of services that are free of the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol, and will endeavor through a company policy that is fully committed to provide drug and alcohol- free services

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